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August 30, 2006



What a great blog! Two of my favorite words are FREE GIFT, so I just had to see what it was all about. This effort just shows your talent for communication. I knew about it from your early days of writing books, "newspapers" and college admission essays. Love, hugs and a bookmarked spot for THE ROWDY PEA on my Desktop! XOXOXOXOXO


What an awesome idea!! I love it! Anything so I can see that cute little man of yours-and your big one too- whenever I want is great! We miss and love you guys!!


I just returned to your site for another look at my beautiful family. We will be there soon...can't wait for hugs! Tell Ivo that Nana has some surprises for him!!


Thanks for the Pandora link.....I tried putting in a couple of my favorite artists and got some great tunes back. I was checking it out on the wireless laptop without good speakers, but I can see the possibilities for the desktop..... especially over at Grandpa's house while I am working away all day! Thanks for the info.....and enjoy the special time of solitude! XOXOXO Mom

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